What's the fastest way to create a bracket order from chart?

As you might know, BO requires to maintain certain minimum distance for the stop (0.30% for Indexes) from the entry price to place the order without error.

You can calculate this distance visually using Long/Short Position drawing tool and convert it to a Bracket Limit order from the chart itself!

Check out the video tutorial here

For example,

  1. Select Long Position tool, click at the desired entry place on chart

  2. Expand the profit/stop distance as needed.

  3. Right click and select “Create Limit Order”

  4. Update the qty in the order form, verify entry/target/stop prices, verify target/stop in amount.

  5. Place the order.



Since BO ensures either stop or target is executed but not both, margin requirement for BO is half compared to two separate orders for stop and target!

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apart from indexes, how do you calculate the minimum distance for the stop for a script?

And doing a direct bracket order without drawing lines/or the need to create order from the chart as in the video?

For index futures min 0.3%
Stock min 1% stop loss for BO order

@ronin ,

For the stop distance requirement for individual stocks, please reach out to @Dhan_Help.

Placing an order without help of long/short tool, you should calculate and enter either ticks or precise price levels.