When can I expect dhan to become a stable platform?

When can I expect dhan to be a stable platform, it’s full of bugs and everyday I encounter new ones, you can see that in my posts, Recently one of your team member said that they have incorporated my suggested features and fixed some bugs and this will come in the upcoming update, But when is this update coming? I want to move funds completely here and use this as my primary broker but it still has a long way to go,
It misses many of the basic and integral features that are part of other platforms and I think I made a post about it in the past and tbh Dhan simply hypes up the features which are common (I’m saying this after watching interviews and reading the blogs and articles on dhan)
For Example look at this:

Name one broker or platform who lacks these features, every platforms has them today, these are basic things.
dhan still lacks a good alert creating system, We cannot place amos from tradingview platform itself, there is lack of a technical meter in the app, no pre built watchlists as in fyers,
and many such things still lacks.
(Don’t take this post as a negative criticism, This is a constructive feedback, I love dhan and I believe this platform is promising that is why I want to move funds here and use this as a primary broker)

Hi @Yash0301

User feedback is very important for us and we have built many features by taking customer feedback into consideration. We try to incorporate the requirements as per the feasibility of the scope and depending on our roadmap. Based on your suggestions, we inculcated a few changes for eg : change in the colour candle, Auto save layout and removing reliance chart as a default graph on tv.dhan.co. We have built features based on your suggestion and will continue to do so in the future as well. Some of the features that we are working on improving it :-

  • Price Alerts:
    We have Price Alerts on our platforms (Mobile & Web). We are planning to bring Alerts on tv.dhan.co as well soon.To support our tradingview enthusiasts users, we recently released Webhook Alerts for tradingview.com. We are constantly working on improving the Alerts experience and are planning to release more updates associated with alerts.

  • After Market Order: We have AMO on Mobile & Web, with an option to select time of execution. We will work to bring AMO on tv.dhan.co as well.

  • Technicals: We have Technicals on Web & App, with Technical Orders on Mobile where you can place orders using Pivot Point, Support & Resistance. We have almost all popular technical indicators on all our platforms including some trending ones like CPR & Supertrend. Your feedback regarding Technical Meter is noted.

  • Pre Built Watchlist: Earlier we used to provide our users with a pre-built watchlist, but based on user suggestions, we have stopped it as they wanted to be more hands on with their watchlist creation.

We take every feedback in a constructive manner and build on top of them. Your opinions and thoughts are always welcome. We value you taking time to share with us honest and constructive feedback.

concerning Watchlists, I am not talking about giving us watchlist of random stocks,
I made a post about it, looks like it was over-looked (which is discouraging)
Check here: Please add pre-built watchlists into tradingview terminal