Why cant we cancel AMO Order

I had an overnight position and i had scheduled for AMO Open 30 min. and at 915 i had a good price for the exit but when i tried to cancel the existing AMO it did not allow me cancel the AMO order.

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Hi @Shylaja

Thanks for your feedback and your suggestions, We’ll surely add the AMO cancelation option soon and notify you.

Hi @Shylaja,

AMO cancelation option is now added on Dhan. Thanks again for your feedback!

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@Kiran Thanks a Lot.

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@Kiran ,

Request you to plz allow (modify like qty, price and order type ) the same via API Calls as we are getting error message saying Market is Closed! You cannot modify/cancel an order now.

i think you have enabled cancellations however the error string is not modified yet.

@Kiran ,

While changing the API message can you also change the below error sentence too…

“errorCode”: “BAD_REQUEST_ERROR”,
“httpStatus”: “BAD_REQUEST”,
“internalErrorCode”: “RS-9005”,
“internalErrorMessage”: “Market is Closed! Want to place an offline order?

i am trying to place an intraday order and i know its post market order. purposefully i tried placing intraday with AMO as false.

and i got this error message. I understand that market is closed and AMO is turned of so i got the 2nd part of the message.

but the meaning and post action of the user may not yield the right meaning to it. currently after any user get this message “he always thinks that to reply as YES” (if needed) but will API read that YES message and act accordingly?

if it can act and place order then this should be absolutely fine… if not kindly change the error message as "“Market is Closed! Try Placing and AMO order instead!

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Hi @Shylaja,

You can set the parameter as:
“afterMarketOrder”: true,
“amoTime”: “OPEN”,
Also, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the error message. We don’t have a plan to change API-related messages right now, but it’s definitely an idea we can come back to when we are adding features to the latest version.


Hope you will allow to modify instead cancelling and recreating fresh amo order.

Yes, We do allow instead modification, cancellation & recreating of fresh AMO orders.


Allowing all 3 would be the best approach right?

2 step of cancellling and receating increases the log of 2 order per idea of trade entry.

But modify take one order per idea of trade entry.