Will dhan ever release an desktop application?

As far as I know, dhan only has a mobile app and a web platform, but will dhan ever plan on releasing an desktop platform? Is this something on your road map, and will you ever consider it?

Unlike America traders In india lack a solid trading platform on pc, I’d like to see someone come up with platform like thinkorswim, if you don’t know what that is, do look into it.

So as I said Indian traders lack such Platforms and this can present an opportunity for dhan to capitalize on by introducing such powerful platforms not the ugly looking exe which other Indian brokers offer.

In india only fyers has a decent desktop platform which is “Fyers one” but it comes no where near thinkorswim,
Would it be possible for you to introduce an powerful platform like thinkorswin in india? I’m sure the top tier traders of india will flock to dhan if it introduces such platform, the traders which are serious and traders who trade full time and treat it as business.

Let us Raise the bar for desktop trading platforms in india :wink:

@RahulDeshpande Do review this post.

Hi @Yash0301 ,

Right now our focus is to provide seamless experience to our customers through our app , web platform and tv.dhan.co .

We will surely look into your suggestion of developing a desktop application and as usual will let you know if and when we plan of developing it. Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion.


You can tie-up with Spider Software. I think they’re the one who developed the platform for Sharekhan which is known as TradeTiger. Or either you can also look for Reliable Softwares “Falcon” as well.

They still come no where near TD ameritrade.
Both of them are basic

So are you planning to launch Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade) for Dhan Traders

I only suggested then to come up with a good decent software for pc, it’s up to them

Yes. The penetration for Traders in India is very low compare to America. We can’t even think of launching same software. I hope Dhan will launch the desktop platform which will be atleast step-ahead than TradeTiger. Traders will be even happy if MT4 is given for clients. It is free.