Will dhan provide GTT on the sell side for users with submitted POA?

I would like to send my POA so that I can Use GTT on the sell side, I am a swing trader and I want to use Stop loss which stays active until they are triggered. , @PravinJ @Naman


@PravinJ @Naman waiting for the response

Hi @Yash0301

Post last set of requests, we learned that there is chance that EDIS may actually become mandatory for all accounts and the PoA may get revoked. This is just hearsay and no circular or directions from SEBI / Depository yet. We are evaluating the possibilities here in such case.

Anyway, we will offer a better EDIS management solution to ensure that it isn’t a blocker for placing GTT orders. Give us some time on this.

Apologies for the delay in response - we were away.

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no problem boss, I just want to start my swing trading journey seriously with Dhan and not having a gtt in a drawback, but I prefer Edis too as it makes things more secure, so I’m happy to wait but unlike others I trust Dhan and I have no problem to submit POA, so as I wait, do let me know if you’re open for it.

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Hi @Yash0301, we have launched this for all today - Introducing: Pre-Authorization for EDIS