Wrong %change is shown on tv.dhan.co


%change on tv.dhan.co is incorrect , kindly fix it

actually prices & % change non of them is updating in tv.dhan.co , some api bug i guess

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Yes, value of “change” column not updating on tv.dhan.co.

Hi @Satyam @sachin8516

Thanks for highlighting.

We have updated the library this weekend. We have identified that the issue is with the latest TV library. We are reverting back to the older version of tradingview library in a while. Request you to hard refresh to see the changes.

Seriously im fed up , everyday new issue is coming up , we are not your BETA TESTER who will keeps on reporting bugs every single day !!

now because of this my templates which i created yesterday got messed up !

today facing lots of lag in price updating or freezing or sleeping tab problem when i used multiple tabs with different layouts in different tabs for few minutes if it stays inactive… price updates get stuck or slow or late update… have to click refresh everytime i switch to other tab’s layout… so sad… really bad experience today in tv.dhan… plz do something @naman…

earlier last week it was working good… my browser’s sleeping tab settings already off…

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That’s Right, we are not for beta Tester

chart settings & indicator settings were changed itself on friday late night… but main problem is even after today’s morning they restored the old liabrary of Tv.dhan overall tv.dhan’s experience chart loading & multitab multi layout usage was so pathetic… couldn’t describe how bad today’s experience was !

@naman will we get any solution for tv.dhan ??? or we will only asked for providing recordings… Don’t u guys have any idea what’s going on ??

restoring old library didn’t solve the problem that arised this weekend… earlier different layouts in the different tabs of my browser was working good but now if i don’t active even for minutes it lags or stuck at old prices… can’ be sure which price is accurate nd have to refresh the page or chart everytime… it’s the latest problem !

Hi @Satyam @Picilefy @Varsha777 @Sparrow

Yes, the library update was thoroughly tested in UAT & simulated environment during mock trading. It passed through all the test cases. There is always limitation in these environment and at times (which is rare) that few of the cases may not replicate same as live environment - this was one of it. We have, over past 18 months released over 80+ updates to our charting platforms, this is unfortunate that for the current update one component of updated TradingView library wasn’t working properly when markets opened. We we feel it is important to have full functionality charts on live markets, and as soon as it was identified we reverted back to the previous version that is fully tested and functional.

This is an odd case, and the library issue has been identified and reported to the TV team.