1Cliq is now integrated with Dhan

We hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the new financial year 2023-24. We are excited the opportunities they come with. We are passionate about innovation and to make trading simple for the trading community.

It has been a great journey for us bringing this innovation to you with some amazing first in the industry features. We are excited about our tie-up (partnership) with Dhan and bring great benefit for its users on 1 Cliq. We come with some amazing features in 1 Cliq that can enhance your trading experience.

We aim to bridge the gap currently in trading and allow users to set pre-defined stop losses even before you initiate a trade. An integrated trailing stop loss system that lets users choose from various options to use a static stop loss, trail it manually or automatically. A multi-layer to set targets, losses and protect profit features in the MTM feature is already a revelation with 1 Cliq users.

Dhan users can take advantage of these amazing features to enhance their overall experience. You can also enjoy the benefits of our tie-up with Dhan in integration with 1 Cliq.


Hello @Kevin

First of all, welcome to Dhan Community!

This post is to announce Dhan integration with 1Cliq platform by OI Pulse. The subscription fees will be applicable as per OI Pulse plans only.

Hello sir i am new in dhan. I wanted to know about what is the benefits of 1 cliq integrated with dhan. 1 cliq plan is needed or not. I am already subscribe oi pluse annual plan. Currently iam using 1 cliq monthly plan. If this monthly plan is expired can we trade in in 1 cliq without any subscription…

@Sivakumar Thank you for this.
I needed a tool like this.
This will be a game changer for option scalpers. :pray:

Hello @Vicky009

1 Cliq plan is provided by OI Pulse and it will be needed to use the platform. However, there will be no charges for you to connect Dhan and start trading.

Also, welcome to Dhan Community!

It works well when i intergrated shiva… but it is not letting me to open multiple tabs in browser and im getting logged out suddenly. I know you want it to be consistent for one user but if you are letting us to open multiple tabs like Dhan does we wont be able to use all the benifits…
As a developed i see my login gets void when i open it in another tab… but you check authentication where user is logging in