A detailed post for share buyback via Dhan

I recently joined Dhan and was going through the features that you guys offer on the platform, was pleasantly surprised to find an option to tender shares for buyback via the web portal itself.
My previous broker did not offer the same and I’m elated that you guys do, Having said that I couldn’t find a video on your YT channel or a blog post explaining the process to tender shares for the buyback.
Requesting you for the same for the benefit of the larger audience.

Thanks @Vishk519 on your kind words about Dhan. We have lot of hidden gems on our platform, hope you discover more of them as you use it.

Feedback noted about making videos on YouTube for more users to understand what we are doing and offering to users.

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Hi, You can check the same here

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Hey @PravinJ,
It’d be great if the buyback section had an option to show all the buyback offers currently available to participate in.
I recently confirmed with Customer support and they informed that currently only the scripts which are present in the Dmat account, and have a open buyback will be visible.
An option to see all the available offers at once in a single window would be quite informative and helpful as well.

Hi @Vishk519

You should be able to view them under Corporate Actions, this is available on web & mobile apps.

We announced this recently: Introducing: Corporate Actions on Dhan

Thank you

Hey @PravinJ
Thank you for the information, I checked the CA section out and it’s quite informative.
However, I’d still like for you guys to take a look at Buybacks specifically, even if it is in the CA section itself.
The reason being that buyback is an event that takes place over a set duration unlike dividends.
In the screengrab I’m attaching, dividends are visible but there’s a open buyback issue for Zydus lifesciences that opened yesterday but is no longer visible here.