Algo trading with dhan and tradingview

I have a my own custom made strategy for trading in banknifty which is showing good profit on tradingview. How to implement it in DHAN?

Hello @srd

First of all, welcome to Dhan Community!

If you already have a custom strategy built on TradingView, you can leverage Dhan TV Webhook, and take trades in Dhan. You can refer to the community post here : Execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView

Since you are looking to trade in Bank Nifty contracts, you will need to use Baskets along with Webhook. Soon, direct order placement for options will also be available on Dhan, so do look out for that.

Hello @Hardik ,

I have developed my own Strategy built on Amibroker. Would like to place Orders directly from Amibroker.
Can you please suggest how I move forward on this?

Thanks heaps

Hello @Subra

You can use Amibroker to place orders on Dhan, but you will have to use API Bridge tool for the same.

There are various such platforms integrated with us, you can check the list here - DhanHQ Featured Partners.