All Technical Indicators on Dhan!

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The biggest takeaway from history is that character changes but behaviour does not. May it be technology, trend, or even our favourite ‘Stock markets’. So as we know the market follows the pattern and this could be best interpreted and inferred by technical indicators.

Charts can be interpreted better with the help of indicators. Indicators help traders to find the entry, exit and much more. Dhan already has 100+ indicators and apart from this users on dhan have frequently requested to add more indicators of their choice and we did that, so there are around 20+ inhouse built indicators available on dhan. we would love to put the limelight on them.

Consolidating the list of technical indicators available on dhan -

Do let us know your feedback and indicators you love on the dhan platform.
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Product Team


Hey @Naman,
Have a couple of requests and suggestions, would be great to hear how you guys incorporate them into your roadmap.

  1. AVWAP- It would just be great if AVWAP could be plotted from the sidebar trendline section, just like it is in TV instead of the indicator droplist.
    The TV way is seamless and it’d be great if you could provide the same at Dhan.

Another request is for Continous Contracts for Nifty and BankNifty futures.

Would love to hear back from you on the same.

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Please add ATR percentage
Pine script code needed wel share it

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Hey @Naman @PravinJ ,

Can you think of any mechanism where user can contribute by sharing the Tradingview code (pine script) and Dhan can bring it on their platform?


MONTHLY CPR and Tomorrow CPR needed

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Prev Day OHLC, Not looks good its continuous. Not useful.

What I need, Prev(Day,Week,Month) OHLC values to be drawn as horizontal ray.

Also bring 52w High Low indicator(You will readily get the 52H/L data from NSE)

All good except chart is laggy and charts stucks…refresh time is very high…i checked internet and it was working good at the same time checked trading view app very smooth compared to dhan TradingView have recorded video…Hope dhan will improve this issue…

@Naman can your Dhanlearn team create blogs on how to actually use this indicators in real life different indicator combinations and all bcs even if you offer us such things and we dont know how to use them perfectly is useless can you add linear regression channel in your indicators and again if you can provide stock screener like the one in tradingview which can analyze stock on multiple trime frame acd catch ema crossovers etc that can help a lot

please add pivot traditional and 1D frame in option chart

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I Support you @ravishahane
Request @Naman to add ATR Percentage
Also a feature to compare a share against a group of shares as available on TV (TradingView)
A group of shares can be added as an index on TV

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Hey Naman

I use dhan platform for trading and investing.

average true range (ATR) is Prclose-high and Prclose-low.

I am looking for indicator to know day range(high-low) and body of candle(open-close). Can please you help??