API Rate Limits: Orders are failing as rate limit per Hr exceeded

@Dhan_Help , could you please help
Orders are failing because of Per Hour Rate Limit Exceeded For Orders API in order firing.
What is the current limit through api , could you please share in detail.

Hello @jacharjya1978

There are different rate limits on API. You can check the same in the documentation here - Introduction - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document

@Hardik , I guess one of the reason I might have got the rate limit error , because of trailing the stop loss.
It could have sent more than 25 modifications /order.
My question is , is that something going to impact other orders ? because I kept on receiving rate limit order for fresh orders as well through api.
and how long this rate limit check will be active intraday ?


You need to check the error code that you must have received. In case of minute or hourly or daily API rate limit, you will get the error code for particular rate limit which is being reached and the same gets reset in the subsequent time frame.

Can you confirm which particular error code that you receive here?

@Hardik , I am using the api through AlgoTest platform , I can see the below error there
per hour rate limit exceeded for orders api Order Details- [ Broker order id: 12230912268401, Instrument Symbol: BANKNIFTY2391346000PE, Position: -1, Quantity: 15.0 ].
It seems to be per hour rate limit . Do you consider modification order as one count ?

Yes @jacharjya1978

Modification is also counted as an order request count and same for cancellation. You need to keep this in mind when placing orders.