APPlication IOS Widgets

Dear Dhan Team,
by any chance to add widget functions…?
i would like to request a new futures widgets for dhan app for Apple users, were user can see on postion watchlist P&L etc.

Hi @Nahmja ,

We have widgets in our roadmap. Noted your request on the position watchlist, P&L widget to be added in the roadmap.

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Hey @RahulDeshpande , do we have an update on this? It’s something really needed; Don’t want the hassle to open the app throughout the day

Hi @sv28

At this moment, we have introduced floating P&L and Indices on the web which you can check from Money > Traders controls.

@Divyesh I am requesting the widget for iOS. I don’t trade manually but I do keep a tab on things because of which I need to constantly open the app. Having a widget on homescreen to see the updates would be helpful

Hi @sv28

Yes, we have your feedback. Thanks

Hi @Divyesh @Dhan

Could you please provide an update on the priority of the request and its current status? I am still unable to locate the widget for iOS/Apple users.

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Hi @Nahmja

Currently, widget functionalities are on our to-do list; once we have this in place, we will surely announce it on our community platform.