Applying PineScript-v5 user created custom indicators to NSE Options charts


I am SuvraM from Bangalore, joined the community today learned from a friend that you offer 50% brok to us (women traders). So nice of you :slight_smile:

Sir - I do have PineScriptv5 based indicators developed by myself in TradingView.

I want to apply that in the NSE Options chart: both Index (Nifty, BankNifty, FinNifty ), and stock Options.

Can I do it from TradingView - Dhan - integration?

Like this way?

  1. Login to TradingView using my TV credentials (free account in TV)
  2. Connect to Dhan account in TradingView trade tab (Dhan as a broker)
  3. Open the Options chart looking into Symbols in TV
  4. Select my timeframe and candle type
  5. Apply my indicator (it’s a TradingView Pinescript-v5 strategy actually)
  6. Take trade in TradingView (to start with Manually)'s QuickTrade shortcuts in the main chart.

Please help sir.


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no option charts are not avaialble in trading view even if you login as dhan u can trade in stocks only

Thank You.
So it means:
To have Options chart, I need to get it only through (through Dhan portal)?
But then I can only add the default technical indicators there, can not add any custom PineScript indicator or strategy?
Am I getting it correctly?

Hi @Suvra ,

TradingView does not provide data nor allow trading in the Options segment.

But we are working to build this feature, and for now, you can try to get the TradingView experience to trade in Options with features like Options Chains, Baskets, and much more on top of the charts.

Hello sir,
This is Bhargav and I am new to Dhan. I have the same question as above. My requirement is to use the Trading view community scripts / Invite only scripts on the options chart. I already have the premium subscription of Trading view. So, if I try (integration of Dhan with my existing TV account) will I be able to access the community / Invite only scripts on the options chart (having my premium subscription of TV). Thank you incorporates the charting library that TV gives to brokers and is hosted at Dhan end. This platform doesn’t have all the native features of TV as TV limits what it gives to third parties. So you cannot access TV community scripts on this platform.

However native tradingview has Dhan under broker panel. So it is possible to analyse using TV community scripts and manually trade from native TV via dhan.

If you want to use community scripts from native TV and autotrade with Dhan then you have to use the webhook integration provided by Dhan.

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Hello sir,
Thanks for the reply. My question was to know if I can use the community scripts on the Options chart (Not on Futures or the spot charts). I am not concerned about how to place the orders as I am only interested to use the community scripts on the options chart. I understand TV does not provide options charts. Wondering if by any way I can access the community scripts on the options charts.
Thank you

Unless native TV brings options on to their platform u cannot access and run community scripts over option charts.