Basket Bracket Order

I generally Trades just after opening Market @ 09:15 AM , But I prepare my Things before market as like my stoploss target and other things too, I trade in two stocks daily, So its not easy to place order in single click so I prefer Basket order,
But As You know Morning Volitility is so High , after placing my orders I have to place my SL and Target at same time ,But Bracket order is not available in Basket ,So its really hard to me trade sometimes Becoz of Volitility, I thing this feature is offered my fyers too ,So we can expect from dhan fore this feature…
Thank You…

Hi @Mthrpnkj24,

We will try and incorporate them upcoming versions. Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi @Mthrpnkj24,

In the meantime, you may also use our Draft order feature, to create your orders before time and then execute them quickly when needed.

Introducing Draft Orders - Create Orders now and Execute them whenever you want!

Draft Orders can now be placed 24x7 with After Market Order (AMO)

Yes Jay , I have seen it as You Suggested, Its too Good But I have one more Problem Regarding this, As a Intraday Trader, We Prefer Limit or Trigger Price, Becoz when we trade in stocks for Intraday Price matters, Limit order is there in Bracket order But trigger is not,
As Like We Have to Sell a Stock
Example - Sell Naukari @4455
Closing - 4457
Opening - 4460

As You know 09:15 means a matter of seconds and its very possible Price will not come back to your limit price So, In that case we have to use Trigger
And Order type will be
trigger- 4455.05 Limit-4455
Stoploss Points- 20
Target Points - 60
So Trigger can be implemented in Bracket order

Understood, maybe will have to place separate / multiple orders. You may also try OCO order type that we introduced recently: