Basket order update issue

On mobile app was having issues updating basket orders between 9:15-9:40 AM. Orders were getting added after significant delay of over a minute…The buttons on the basket order also didn’t react instantly and there is severe lag before the action is completed. Please look into this ASAP. Its not just me who faced this issue.

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Overall app face a lag during this time. no postions are seen and data is not updated properly also.

Yes this issue was also there as @onkar noted.

There was some lag for few users on showing scrips in watchlists, baskets and other places. We are checking why that happened.

Hello @PravinJ want to talk with support and request to call on around 9:15 AM, but still no one call back.

did I create a post on community for the same or someone callback?

Hey onkar, we have stated that community is meant not for customer service, although we end up doing bit of it. If there are requests like same, unfortunately we will have to stop supporting customer queries completely on this forum.

If there is any reason to connect with customer care, there is phone / email / chat support that Dhan customer service provides.

I am not interested to explore the same issue on community also.

But the support tell me they call after 12 PM, is it experience you guys provides to customer?

or becomes selective to answser and entertain according to customer generated revenue?


This morning, things were a bit troublesome. The app wasn’t opening, and when I visited, my watchlist was missing. It’s frustrating because I just recommended Dhan to my friend, and now these issues reflect poorly on me as well. I kindly request Dhan to please take some action to enhance the speed and overall performance. Thank you!

I think this is not a bug that one user faced. Several users faced this. Also I first posted in chat and tried to call as well. Chat response came 16 minutes later. Phone lines were busy. Community is where we have better eyes than backend support and therefore hope to get the critical issues addressed faster via here. That is the reason I post generic bugs here. I take the specific ones via backend support.

Btw Dhan is doing great and I really hope to help making Dhan better by posting my feedback. Customers really need a broker who brings in features fast and address our concern fast like Dhan has been doing over a year now.


I am also chatted with support regarding the less crtical issue regarding the missing ammount into my recent trade, I try to what actullay happen behind the seen into that trade.

They simply tell me they call after 12 PM. now imagine if issue is critical and someone all wealth on risk.

You imagine the next your own.

I ask @PravinJ to create a post regarding the issue or misunderstanding, I don’t know exaltly about it much because I am not much expericene.

So someone from Dhan or another help to understand the same. but they simply denied and try to tell the purpose of community?

By the way @PravinJ also wrote an email to @Dhan_Help, let us see when you guys cames back to me with your thoughts on my query.

Hey there! I’ve noticed how much you love recommending dhan to everyone on tradingqna of zerodha. Honestly, my friend, it seems like dhan might not be able to catch up to the speed of zerodha anytime soon, based on what I know. While their engineers are great at building products, it seems they may need some work in optimizing them for large-scale usage. @PravinJ always mentions that they’re working on scaling things for large numbers, but we haven’t seen the results just yet. It can be frustrating when we traders raise these concerns and things seem to be running smoothly on their end.

Hi @onkar, I had a look at your query. Our customer team assisted you fully with your query, and when you asked for a call-back they stated that it will happen later as there are other customers waiting to be served. Same was communicated to you with full reason, I personally feel its unfair in that case to state on community that way. Hope this clarifies.

Yes @t7support, we do understand that we have to ensure service levels all the time. And our Customer Service teams are trained to do that. More than the community or customer service or other modes our engineering teams have our own robust systems that alert when things go wrong, which is why we are able to restore things quickly or normal.

Hi @onkar,

We have connected with you over the call; our team will further review your case and share an update via email.

I am trading the market from 2007. I have previously traded with Reliance Money, Interactive Brokers, Indiabulls, Zerodha and Finvasia. I spent 5 yrs with zerodha and the reason I moved out was that the cost, tech, support, nudges etc were not a good fit for me or my fellow traders. With Dhan I have seen a broker focused on building products based on customer requests. With in one year of its inception Dhan has things that zerodha doesn’t in the last 13 yrs. They are also moving at a pace much faster than Zerodha tech.

As for the issues with scale I have faced the same with zerodha when they were scaling up and still there are intermittent outages. Tech is not glitch free. Random failure is an Achilles heel of technology. What matters is how the broker responds to it. In my experience Dhan has responded well and better than zerodha.

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This is the most annoying part of custom care response. Most issues get tagged as an internet connectivity failure first.

Yes, I understand. I have been using Dhan since inception and have seen improvements. I had raised some bugs too in this forum which they have fixed. I just wish best for Dhan. @PravinJ always says “we have a very very very small team” but that small team is very capable and I can second that! Best wishes for Dhan to raise the bar!!

Hi @t7support, yes I understand this… the reason is for two parts. First… we have asked all our team members to first check any issue reported themselves before making that statement. Second… most of our systems are distributed, so if any issue comes up by chance, we are able to limit to a few users.

So it’s not that the users or our teams are wrong, we wll explore if there is better way to communicate. during market hours - i personally keep this dashboard up:

Thanks for your kind words @8y4ssbl4al. Yes, we are a small team trying to build and make Dhan better everyday. Such encouragement helps us go the extra mile :slight_smile:

But baskets not getting updated is not connected with exchange connectivity I guess. The orders in basket stay in Dhan platform and gets to exchange only when it is triggered. So internet connectivity shouldn’t be an issue especially when am chatting with the customer care rep from the app over the internet. Looking forward to a better back end customer care.

Hi @onkar,

We have addressed your query on call as well as sent an email with the resolution. Hope it helps.