BIG Update: User Experience on Dhan Web

We opened up Dhan for private access in August 2021, and thereafter launched the Dhan web experience in October.

We had received great feedback (and on an ongoing basis) from users for both platforms. Of Course, our mobile updates have been much faster to date and the investing & trading experience has significantly improved from the time we made the Dhan app available to all in November 2021 on Muhurat trading day.

Our web users have been loving our web product, both on Dhan Web ( as well as TradingView ( however we do get messages that we are bit slow with Dhan web, particularly traders we logon on the web every day and are hooked on to it. This changes now.

We have pushed a major experience improvement to the web, Dhan Web is now much simpler and faster. Live now at

As we have always emphasized, we at Dhan are here to offer the best in industry investing & trading experience to our users, we will now be faster on web products as well. There are many features planned, and you will the updates on the Dhan web faster than before.

Keep your feedback coming to us either on Dhan Community or on

Thank you


Lovely ! the font looks more appealing now

Hope the Options related feedback → Advanced option chain , weekly options chain unavailable related is looked upon

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Thank you @pavz

Weekly expiry in option chain is being developed, will have this soon ready. What was the feedback on Advanced Option Chain? do let know please.

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Hi Pravin,

  1. Advanced option chain is too difficult to locate ( I mean too many clicks to enter inside)
  2. Stock option there is no way but to keep clicking on Load more and then enter the Stock option chain currently.

Noted, and I agree this is painful. The amount of data that is being processed to built this up (and keep it real-time) is bit overwhelming, and removing real-time makes this a little less utility.

For now, the fastest way for you to get to Advanced Option Chain is tapping [ i ] on the menu option (screenshot below), we will figure out a way to make this even better.