Business of IPL πŸ’΅

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is more than just a cricket tournament - it’s a massive economic force. With a brand value of $6.8 billion, the IPL generates revenue through sponsorships, broadcasting rights, ticket sales, merchandise, and more. It also creates employment opportunities for thousands of people, from players to event organizers to stadium staff.

However, the economic impact of IPL is not limited to India alone - it has a ripple effect on other industries as well, such as advertising, hospitality, and tourism. Overall, the economics of IPL demonstrate how sports can be a powerful engine for economic growth and development.

We did an analysis of the business of IPL :rocket: :point_down:

Which is your favourite IPL team?


Also, the whole Dhan team went to watch Mumbai Indians v/s Kings XI Punjab match in Wankhede on 22nd April, Saturday.

Here are some pictures from the match :zap: :rocket: