Buy option for call / put at the time of reversal of existing bought put / call trade

Dear Sir,
This has reference to the matter referred above.

We are into OPTION trading of assets. During trading we observed that while using the REVERSAL OPTION it is directed to the CALL SELL option.

May we request you to kindly do the needful so that at the time of reversal of BUY CALL TRADE system directs to BUY PUT TRADE and vice versa.

The above will help a trader make more trades with the same margin. It will be a win win situation for DHAN and TRADER both.

Plus 1, Basically on TV there should be a toggle to switch from call to put for the same strike price. For fast execution, if the direction change for a quick scalp.

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Dhan developers are slow af.
Not even solving basic option chain scrolling bug