Can someone help in extracting option data from NSE website to excel sheet?

This is the required file format:
(Date)(time)(script)(Put total)(call total)(PCR)

Function: the data should be recorded as per the format provided, and after 5 mins, when the data gets refreshed, the row should move down automatically, and the new data row shall come above the previous ones and so on…


  1. Need the data for 3 indexes (Nifty, Bank nifty, Fin nifty) and 10-15 shares.
    2)Time interval for data refresh should be 5 mins (it would be great if we could also adjust the time interval)
  2. We should have the flexibility to change the shares with time. (Either from the UI or backend)
  3. Where will the data be stored? (excel sheet / mySQL file)
  4. Maintenance support?
  5. NOTE: We need data from all strike prices and expiry dates. (If it helps, we would be okay for data from all strikes and all expiry having OI of 5 or more)