Change in Expiry Dates - BankNifty & MidCpNifty

So Big news coming in for all expiry traders. We are going to have week full of expiries

monday midcapselect
tuesday finnifty
wednesday banknifty
thursday nifty
friday sensex & bankex

Midcap select NSE circular

banknifty NSE circular


Yes, whats your view @viswaram, would you trade every day?
My personal view is - too much of expiry trading will be exhaustive on traders. Good traders will stick with one or two at the max.

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It depends on liquidity. In 6 to 9 months all of them will be pretty liquid.

Intraday on expiry trading is a good tool even for beginners since they can set stop loss & there is no overnight risk

Yes, on that note I was very surprised with the volumes on Midcap yesterday on Dhan. We do not offer any additional analytics products like Option Chain, Strategies, Snapshots, etc for Midcap, early sign of growth or liquidity, but still far away from FINNIFTY.

There would be confusion on the last week every month. As banknifty monthly expiry is on thursdays and weekly expiry on wednesdays

people will get used to it in 2 to 3 months, i assume

What could be the reason behind everyday expiry??? On 3 month contract index option i.e nifty and niftybank liquidity is very less. And now every day is expiry day.



It’s my choice

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ

When will the weekly contract dates for Bank Nifty change to reflect Wednesday expiry dates ? Currently these are set for Thursday dates in the platform.

Hi @t7support For Dhan these get automatically updated post the confirmations from exchanges. Think this should be done after the current month expiry is done on this Thursday.

PS: We are thinking of building a widget to remind users of the current expiry… hope it helps users… @viswaram @t7support @Pradhan