Chart drawings Automatically deleted

@PravinJ @Naman Sir we do our Analysis by spending lots of time on charts and marked my levels on charts today’s I opened charts at morning all drawings has been deleted, it’s very much painful and my all hard works washed and my time wested.

Why it’s has been happening frequently drawing deletes automatically even after every time I click on save before change any script.

My request please try to understand this issue and please please resolve this issue, at last we have to shift to othe platform if problem persist anymore,

Yogesh Kumar Singh

Hello @yogesh86k

Your current layout size has exceeded the 5MB limit. You can create a fresh new layout from the Settings panel on top, and start adding your drawings there.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Hardik,
below my Queries-

1- How would I know the data size in each layout? Means 5Mb completed or not where from I get to know this?

2- If I saved 4 Layout and mark my drawings and markings in First layout and then open 2nd layout, whether the markings saved on layout 1 will be appear in 2nd or any other layout?

I talked to customer care team she said that you lock drawing tools every time and you said Max data limit 5mb per layout, which one’s answer is correct and which solution I should follow.

Can you please suggest a permanent solution on that because marking/ drawings again and again is not easy task it takes whole days or couple of days.

Yogesh Kumar Singh

@Hardik Please respond, I am still facing the issue.

Hello @yogesh86k

On first one, currently, there’s no indicator which tells you about the size of your layout. We will try and include this on the product.

On second one, no. If you save some particular drawings in 1 layout, then the same will not be visible in the second one, when you switch layouts.

You can keep different layouts for different category of instruments or timeframe, as per your convenience.

Can it help anyhow, This is zerodha screenshot they mentioned the probable reason to delete the drawings from tradingview, they mention that data is saved in cache memory of browser, if we don’t clear the cache memory it will not delete. what you think on it.

Hello @yogesh86k

We store all your drawings and layouts directly on cloud, so that you get same charts on any Dhan platform, wherever you login, irrespective of device or browser. We do not store any of your settings on cache as well, to eliminate the situation where browser cache is deleted.

5 MB is large enough for your layouts on multiple charts across timeframes and indicators. And you can create multiple layouts to ensure the size remains less than the maximum file size.

@Hardik @PravinJ

There is no proper solution you given.

Un-satisfied, how would I know 5MB completed or not ? If I try to mark drawings on different layouts then also will face problem that drawings will not visible on another layout then I need to change layouts frequently to see the markings.

no proper solution from your side I am very tired and frustrated with problem with dhan charts with different issues,Now I am going to change broker.

Thanks you Bye bye Dhan.

Hello @yogesh86k

I understand your points. As mentioned, we will definitely look to include an indicator which says that the 5 MB limit has been reached.

Layouts on any TV charts work in this way, wherein drawings saved on one is not visible on the other one. This is the whole concept behind layouts.

If you want, we can arrange a call and discuss this with you. It would be helpful for us to have your feedback in any possible way.

Hi @Hardik

Please arrange a call back to understand the things and solution.