Chart freezes / Wrong candle formation

While changing to different scrips within same window or changing the time frame of same scrip , Dhan TV freezes and couldn’t refresh itself , need to hard refresh from browser every time and now.

Really a tough task to do every few minutes , please Dhan team look this matter on #high-priority.

Hi @pkvvis

In charts, the timeframe is working fine, it may be internet is a specific concern from your end. kindly try to switch your internet connection.

Also, Please confirm which candle the incorrect formation occurred.

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Dear @divyesh

Thank you for your response and for looking into the issue I’ve been experiencing with the stock charts. While I appreciate your suggestion to switch my internet connection, I wanted to let you know that I have already tried this step and unfortunately, the issue still persists.
Additionally, I have spoken with other users of your platform who are also experiencing the same issue. This leads me to believe that the problem may not be isolated to just my account or my internet connection.

In order to help you better understand the issue, I have recorded a screen capture of the problem occurring, which I have attached to this message. I would appreciate it if you could take a look and let me know if you have any additional insights.
Gdrive of screen capture - Charting issue with Dhan – Google Drive

At this point, I would like to request that you involve your technical support team in investigating the issue further. Given the persistence of the issue despite my attempts to resolve it, I believe it would be helpful to have additional experts look into the problem.

I remain hopeful for a speedy resolution to this issue and appreciate your continued attention to the matter. Thank you ,

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Hi @pkvvis

As per the video shared, our team is working on the trading view chart to optimize and it will be updated within 3 to 4 weeks


You have highlighted a very pertinent issue. I have also tried to bring to notice this to Dhan’s team. But, sadly, didn’t get proper response.

The case in point is AGI Greenpac 13th April intraday charts (i.e. Hourly and below).

The first candle in the highlighted portion doesn’t match with the candle formation on Daily chart.

See the low on H chart first candle in the highlighted portion is 360 whereas the daily chart shows the low of 353.

This error I noticed in realtime and tried to bring to their notice but I got a fixated reply that charts are based on exchange feeds and charts are correct based on exchange feed.

Then I went to and some other brokers platforms to check whether it is really exchange feed error. It was not. All other platforms were showing correct candle formation.

Then I approached Dhan’s team again and pointed out again. But the concerned person asked me to approach Exchange instead of referring to tradingview or other brokers. I was surprised.

I didn’t know how could I reach exchange I don’t know. Moreover, how probable it is that “only Dhan got correct data from exchange and rest everybody got it wrong”.

I referred to this post by Pravin ji:

Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly? - Product Feedback :speaking_head: - Dhan Community.

In this post, he mentions:

However, when you look at past candles, there is no margin of data being lost as our chart data servers are present within the same data centre as our streaming servers and the data is continuously saved on server side.

So that means, if my PC had got some erroneous data due to realtime feed, it should appear correct by now. But the issue is still same, it means Dhan’s servers got some wrong data and that’s what I tried to bring to their notice.

Finally I gave up. And the error is still as it is!

This happened on some other occasion also, anyway!

Hi @Shally,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

Hi @Shally,

Charts are not shown for the pre & post market. However, we show this OHLC data in daily candle as per the exchange data. For Intraday candles, we show as per the live data feed during market hours.

So, is this error caused by Pre & post market data?

Hi @Shally,

Yes, as OHLC data includes pre & post data. However, Intraday data does not include the same.

Thanks @Poornima for the clarification.

This problem is still going on with Dhan Charts!!! This is super frustrating. Why don’t you guys improve your back end instead of blaming the internet connection? What internet speed do dhan charts require? 1 GBPS? I already have a 150 mbps connection. I don’t think that internet speed is an issue here. There is a delay of approximately 2 minutes in 5 minute TF on dhan charts. Other brokers have completely fine candle formation and no delays whatsoever. Who will compensate for the losses that happen due to this delay? As usual you guys will blame the customers only.