Charts are not loading when market opens

It’s been flagged multiple times here. There’s a serious issue with charts. Why does it take forever to load charts on If this continues, I’m closing my account


Yes facing the same issue

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Hi @mortality

Charts are working fine now, we will monitor this for smooth performance.

But it is happening daily now that the charts are damn slow during the first 15 mins of the market. Despite having 200mbps internet, I face this issue.

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Hi @Diamond,

We understand how feature is important for our users. Rest assured, our team is on it improve your experience.

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Yes, few more users reached out today. We are shipping some changes over the weekend that optimises the load times in peak minutes.

@mortality @Sparrow @Diamond

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Thank you :+1:

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The chart load time was excellent today! No lag at all! Butter smooth!

Just candle gap needs to be fixed now.