Charts needs improvement

I am feeling deeply disappointed and cheated by the DHAN. There are so many bugs and problems from charts to portfolio to reports.
Many times the charts are so flawed that it could lead you to make wrong and bad decision. The charts do not timely get updated and adjusted post bonus issues, dividends and splits. Like it happen today with Berger Paint chart.
One cannot have segment wise reports to assess its position.
There is no news about Mutual Funds that were to go live in the month of July 2023, etc.
But biggest of them is the wrong and flawed charts.
I thinking of going back to Zerodha.

This is long pending issue with them, I have reported many times. Earlier It takes months for the corporate actions adjusted in the chart. Every top broker has chart adjusted on the day of Corporate Actions, Dhan has issue with this or it’s not the priority, If they get corrected chart, then it shows corrected in Daily time frame and if you switch to 75 min it is again distorted.