Coming Soon: Major Update for Options Trader App by Dhan

Hello Traders

Hope you are having a great weekend. It’s Saturday, and our teams as usual are building some exceptionally great products & features that we are building for you in the coming days.

Most of you know this already, we have two Mobile Apps - Dhan & Options Trader. While our initial plan was that we wanted to build everything in a single app, which is Dhan - however when we started interacting with many Option Traders, we realized that their requirements & needs were very different from regular traders. They needed more analysis, real-time strategies, baskets, scanners, screeners and likes., and adding all of that in a single app would have been Dhan an cluttered app.

All of this led to us shipping - Options Trader by Dhan in May '22, which was and possibly still continues to be a Dedicated App for Options Trading by any Stock Trading platform in India. Options Trader app by Dhan is super popular with experienced Option Traders and mostly importantly power users of Dhan. Over > 98% of trades placed via this app are in the F&O segment, actually in the Options segment alone.

We are getting ready to ship some major updates to the Options Trader app, there will be many - but here are some of the few that I would like to highlight as of now:

2023 Glass Design for Options Trader

Dhan’s flagship Glass Design that we introduced in Jan 2023 is now coming to Options Trader app. This includes major UI & UX improvements which many of our users have asked to directly and indirectly over time. Ok, maybe we might have missed a few - but as you already know at Dhan we ship things one step at a time and keep them improving.

Custom Strategy Builder on Mobile

Build from scratch, and designed exclusively for mobile app - we will introduce the full blown & feature rich Custom Strategy Builder on Options Trader app. This includes the following for you:

  • Strategy Builder for Nifty50, Bank Nifty, FinNifty, Sensex, Currency (USD-INR) & Commodities (Crude Oil, Natural Gas & Gold)
  • More: It is a Strategy Builder for all F&O Stocks, not just Indices.
  • Along with Payoff Charts (with OI & OI Change) and Charts (Strategy & Multi Strike OI)
  • Fast Create from 14 most popular strategies - Bullish, Bearish, Directional & Non-Directional
  • Easy Adjustments to Strike Prices, Toggles for Calls / Puts, Market / Limit Prices and also Lot Multipliers for large traders
  • Readily integrated with 1-Swipe Execution (yes, we adding swipe integration)

Quick Shortcuts on Dashboard

We are enhancing Home Screens with popular indices - Nifty, Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty based quick shortcuts to OI Movers, Price Movers, Option Chain & Flash Trade. We are introducing two new and important trackers… Open = High & Open = Low for these 3 indices.

Core Strategies & Features to Get Updates

Some of the most popular features of Option Trades now have enhanced navigations & UI updates, these include following:

  • Option Chain: Now comes with pre-built insights, and 1-tap switch between major indices. We are also improving the load-times of Option Chain, it will load and feel more faster than before.
  • Pre-Built Strategies: Adding more strategies than before, and easy single-tap switch between every expiry.
  • Outlook Based Strategies: Once again we are adding more strategies here and making it super easy to switch between strategies

New Strategy Based Order Placement Experience

Most of our users are extremely familiar with Dhan’s simple & intuitive order placement flow where one places trades for buy or sell. We are extending this and introducing a new order placement flow for strategies (from Custom Strategy Builder, Pre-Built Strategies and Outlook based Strategies) which is designed grounds-up for Mobile. With this, you will be able to do following:

  • Fast Toggle any Strategy for Intraday or Carry Forward, no need to start from scratch
  • View Trades, Analysis & Pay-Off Graphs on Order Placement Screen itself
  • Single-tap add and save any Strategy to Basket
  • Single-tap and view any Strategy in Custom Strategy Builder for any adjustments on the fly
  • And of course, view Margin Requirements & Hedge Benefits if any on the same page (instead of viewing in basket separately)
  • All the above, with 1-tap Order Execution for the Strategy

For Scalpers, 5 / 15 / 30 Sec Charts

Yes you read it right, we recently introduced (for the first time in India) seconds timeframes on TradingView Charts. It’s coming soon to mobile, starting with Options Trader App.

One last thing, when will this version be ready?

Very soon, it is nearly ready and in the final stages of development. We expect to launch the new Options Trader app by mid-next month for select users and eventually for everyone on the second anniversary of Dhan, ie. 4th November 2023.

We hope this next and big update to Options Trader app will enhance your trading experience. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to comment here below and as always our team will make a note of them as we continue to build Dhan and make it better for our users.

Thank you


We Need This As It Is (Like They Have)


@Duck check out Flash Trade on Dhan App & Web - Introducing: Flash Trade for Options Buyers on Dhan

How to use Flash Trade to identify contracts based on bullish / bearish view -

You Don’t Provide Everything In A Single Screen & With A Single Click While ICiciDirect Does That’s The Difference, They Actually Did Better Here For Scalpers…


Wonderful features and commodity strategy was something I am looki g forward eagerly.

Thanks :blush: :+1:

  1. So mutual fund would be post this ?

  2. Any major update from the QUicko , cleartax integrations, could see a lot of issues being reported still.

@PravinJ This is quite interesting. Much needed revamp with features for the option trader app. Considering 98% of the trades are options from this app; what is the % of total option trades coming from the OPT (options traders) app wrt overall web+DhanHQ volume? Would be quite an interesting data point.

Is there any planning about Currency trading Via Tradingview application

plz provide dark mode for option trader

@PravinJ plz provide slide to go back option in iphone ios applications . we have to click on cross button to go back and that cross button sometime did not work so i have to touch 2 -3 times on that cross button …

Hi @DeepB Thanks, its an internal data … so we wouldn’t want to reveal. We see lots of stock broking platforms following us, and we still being very very small player in the industry… would want to keep few things private. At the right time, we would be happy to share more.

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Hi @Trader_Rdx Will check with team, if possible will evaluate increase the touch-area for the cross button.

Thanks @Pravin. Exciting to know… Will it be possible to have all the same features / tools exactly available for both Desktop and Mobile in the same layout format for both platforms when launched?

Hi @Sunitha While we try that, its not possible. We have independent teams for products, features and platforms, that build and develop things and ship faster. Keeping everything ready at same time isn’t very practical for us, will make us slow. Additionally, web and mobile are different form factors, so again verify difficult to keep layouts same.

Hi, @PravinJ @shraddha

It will really helpful for us if you can upgrade the Price Alert option.

Looking for features Like :

  • Alert with sound notification or maybe a notification message on WhatsApp.
  • Set alerts on Price and indicators.

along with that kindly provide us a good Screener something like Trading View has.
Screener screenshot given below :point_down:

Sanjib Chowdhury

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Hi @7044361122 Sanjib, these are features in the premium version of TradingView, not extended to the hosted library that we use on Dhan.

Will the release include this?
Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 8.57.42 PM

Hi @Market_Wizard We had tested this, however we felt we could improve this more. Its coming in few days, most likely in October itself.

ps: Good to see you back on community after a while.

Sounds good…Looking forward to it… :crossed_fingers: :+1:

@PravinJ - One suggestion. Just keep default order settings. Remove max order and bracket order. Keep this setting as simple and minimal as possible.