Coming Soon: Market Feed Data API from Dhan, Seeking Suggestions from Dhan Community

Hello All,

We, at Dhan, are always striving to enhance our products / services and build the best possible trading & investing experience for you. We are about to complete almost one year with DhanHQ - our trading API service.

In just 12 months over 30+ partners have built on Dhan APIs and extended Dhan execution capabilities to end users on their platforms - this includes the best in the world like TradingView, Tata Capital, smallcase, GoCharting, Algobulls, Tradetron and many more. Not just this, over 250+ individuals have created their strategies & systems on top of these very APIs and execute orders on exchanges via own.

While we have kept on enhancing our API offering time and again, one of the long standing requests from our community has been for Market Feed Data API. We build for users at Dhan and this active community has helped us a lot in shaping our products.

This time, we need your suggestions and ideas on what our Market Feed Data API (Websocket Streaming) should look like. As we have always said, Market Feed is a very tech-heavy development and we want to offer nothing but the best to Dhan users.

So, let us know what would you like to have in DhanHQ Market Feed Data APIs. Some information which will be of help are:

  • What should be the rate limits for Market Feed API?
  • If you have been using data from some other source, what would you like Dhan to add more to this?
  • How complex do you think websockets are to integrate with or without Client Libraries?
  • Which segment and how many scrips data is required at one time? What should be the maximum number of instruments that one wants to subscribe to?
  • What other data should be included in Websocket along with Last Traded Price
  • Exploring: What would be the price that you would be willing to pay per month?

Also, please do share your suggestions and recommendations that would improve overall DhanHQ API offering. Your input is valuable to us and will help us to continue to provide the best service for you.

If there is a detailed feedback or suggestions you would have for APIs, we are available on

Thank you,


1}Data Quality must be fast same as your web execution is.
2} It should not disconnect multiple times in a day {many broker APIs have this issue}
3} even if it cost that’s ok, but now many brokers provide free market data like the 5 paise I use in Quantower.
4} if there is any cost then according to me the cost should not be more than 350/- per month, it should include all exchanges. you can limit the symbol number to max 200. if some one wants more symbols then he can pay additional for that.
5}most important is to have a continuous chart also for all the index/stock and mcx{mcx is must because I trade in that :innocent: }, so it gets easy for anyone to backtest.


Please make sure you integrate data plugin for Amibroker, and must contain at least 20 years of EOD data and 6 months on intraday data.

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We rarely follow anyone in our competition, best is to be guided by customers. We build Dhan because existing brokers did not innovate or listen to their users. Request to share details as per your usecases, that makes it super helpful for us to think about it.


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Live feed plugin for amibroker Ninja trader python
Other software
Price 500 -600 rupees per monthly one segment
(FnO and Cash)

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Hi, I would like to see the following features as part of marketfeed API.

  1. For option strikes, if we can get the IV and other option greeks along with the LTP it will be great.
  2. I have seen many data providers giving data like an option chain. If we can do the same it will be useful
  3. Apart from the market data, if we can get the live P&L, it will be useful

Thank you @HIR @Gangavarapu @Bigbull @ravishahane @stanly_thomas

We have taken a note and we will try to build on this feedback.


@Hardik @PravinJ
market feed data will be tick based or 1 min ohlc based, and will I be able to get this data in Quantower because they told me, at present, they are working on trading API connection only.

@Hardik ???

Hello @HIR

Integration with Quantower is in process and we are working with them closely to ship out the integration fast. We will keep the community posted when we intend to release the integration along with all the details.

but what about market feed data integration, is that also happening or only trading API’s?

Hello Hardik.

If the team is planning for this, then please note these

  1. Data flow should be in raw tick data
  2. Level 1 and Level 2 data should be accessible
  3. Should be able to integrate with Order Flow platforms like NinjaTrader / Quantower / ATAS.

ATAS will be my personal preference tho.

Few cents from me.

  • Rate Limit should be best in the market, it should make it tough for people to look away, or ignore it :slight_smile:
  • It should have LTP, Volume at the least, rest is bonus.
  • Client Libraries are MUST HAVE, as it gets really tough otherwise for someone to get started.
  • If its going to be a paid service then it should cover the entire market(ALL symbol and instruments)
  • Would be willing to pay anywhere from 300 to 500 max

any update on Quantower?

@Hardik here are suggestions

  1. Feed should have tick data and minute data[OHLC] subscriptions
  2. Maximum allowed symbols should be 60-100
  3. Should have market depth subscription and if possible give up to 20.
  4. Realtime options chain subscription
  5. should have symbol name, bid & ask price & quantity, LTP and last traded quantity

except above recommendation for websocket data API please add SDK for nodejs developer also.

Hello @HIR

We are working with the team. Quantower team will announce the integration once it is live.

Provide a websocket base notification for the tradingview webhook feature of dhan.

TradingView indicators triggers webhook → Dhans webhook informs client code via webhook → client code implements own custom logic for trade execution using dhan API.

This makes for a powerful environment for sophisticated automation. It overcomes the execution constraints of the webhooks as well.

Will this allow me see the options premium charts in TradingView proper? So that I can place my orders directly from there instead of from