Coming Soon: Market Feed Data API from Dhan, Seeking Suggestions from Dhan Community

Hello @ginas

As per what I can understand from here, you are essentially looking for custom order execution depending on alert triggered in TradingView. This will be possible in the new version of TV Webhook on Dhan, wherein you can use a combination of Pine Script and Webhooks to define order execution parameters while triggering alerts.

Hello @samt83

First of all, welcome to Dhan Community!

This thread is related to Market Feed Data via Websocket for API based trading. To answer your question, is a separate product and currently does not support trading in Options. However, they are planning to introduce options soon on their platform as well, post which there can be a possibility of trading directly via TradingView on Dhan, for option contracts.

any update on this, it’s been a long now…

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@PravinJ @Hardik any update on the data API? By when can we expect it - have been waiting for it for long time.

Hello @sv28 @HIR

I can understand the wait time has been too long. However, the team is monitoring this new Market Feed Websocket in various environments and optimising the same to ensure we deliver the best. You can read more about this here, as it is on our list for AMJ.

We will announce it first on community as soon as it is live.

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any update on Quantower and Live feed?

We are in the final stages of integration. I will personally reach out to you once the integration is live.


Hello @RahulDeshpande @PravinJ any update on data feed API ?

I recently migrated from zerodha to Dhan, I am loving the GUI and Options Trader app however without data feed, I am not able to fully start using account.

It was mentioned multiple times and even by your customer care that it will be launched soon but it will be helpful if you can give some timeline, this will help me plan.


Hi @PravinJD

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

We are currently in the final stages of it, I will personally let you know once we plan on bringing to the users. Thanks for your kind words on our Options Trader App.

I also urge you to keep sharing your views and expertises on APIs, as I believe a lot of our members will be benefitted by it and also hope that you might get benefitted by it as well.

Looking forward to your contributions in the community.

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Can you please share tentative timeline ? will it take few weeks / one month / 3-4 months ?
I need to plan few things so would like to know approx. timeline.

  • What should be the rate limits for Market Feed API?
    — Rate limits depend. Since you chose websockets, the rate limit applies to number of sockets to allow. That could be 10-20 sockets if per socket you allow up to 100 scrips. A rate limit will apply to LTP through API calls. I believe if you implement API calls in future, then a 5-10 requests per second or 100-300 reqs per minute is reasonable for most.

  • If you have been using data from some other source, what would you like Dhan to add more to this?
    — Yes please add LTP through API calls as it will be much easier to integrate with existing framworks rather than modifying existing frameworks to work with sockets. Even Angel One is relying more on LTP API calls and their sockets are almost unusable now.

  • How complex do you think websockets are to integrate with or without Client Libraries?
    — Websockets by nature in general needs to run as a loop in a separate thread. This creates issue of running parallel programs and establish a connect. Not all frameworks can use sockets effectively. You should definitely try to integrate them seamlessly with your libraries if possible.

  • Which segment and how many scrips data is required at one time? What should be the maximum number of instruments that one wants to subscribe to?
    — An options trader may sub to multiple instruments such as NIFTY, BNF, FNIFTY, etc. Many more in case of stock options. But the issue comes with option chain. Since you have no LTP API calls, a trader following even one instrument NIFTY may have to sub to 10-30 scrips for different options of NIFTY. So if I am trading in 3 instruments, I may sub to 60-90 options data in addition to index data. That is why websockets alone without LTP API calls will be a huge stress on your servers.

  • What other data should be included in Websocket along with Last Traded Price
    — LTP, Day Open, Day High, Day Low, Previous Close, Open Interest, Volume - These are good enough for most traders but for Options trader you must include OI with LTP.

  • Exploring: What would be the price that you would be willing to pay per month?
    — I feel Dhan should not charge in the beginning or at least give this as included for super traders. In case you have to charge, you must be competitive. At max it should be a monthly plan of 99 or below and an yearly option of 599 or below.

I hope it helps! Please make LTP API available to reduce stress of sockets on yourself and make it easier for traders. Also, please make even websockets available ASAP! May be a 1 to 3 month free trial in start for traders to integrate it and test it?


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Any update for ws feed, because ur rate limit is very much insufficient only non trading api 5000/hour.

Also confirm ur current final phase ws testing includes order details also in ws or only related to quote of any subscribe symbol.

Kindly provide any timeline else i can write my own ws and deploy in max 2 week, don’t know why u guys have taken more than 5 months and no update apart from final testing is going on message.

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Hello @Titamazon

Welcome to Dhan Community!

We are currently building Websocket only for Price Feed and later, we will build Order Broadcast as well. I cannot help you with a timeline here, as there has been subsequent delays because of the new MCX Trading Platform change.

Rest assured, this is on priority for us, and we aim to release this soon.

Thank u for ur confirmation, that their is no plan for websocket feed for tick and order feed because dhan infra is not yet capable to handle such load.

Since u guys are already using tick and order ws feed in dhan website, so If u approve i can develop python websocket code for dhan and restribute the library in social media for others to use also.

Hello @Titamazon

All our Dhan platforms are connected to price feed and order feed via websocket only. Currently, hundreds and thousands of people login daily on our platform to track markets and trade. All of this is powered by our in-house broadcast servers which establish thousands of connection via a range of servers.

Unfortunately, our Open API layer doesn’t work in this manner and authentication layer needs to be present there. This cannot be allowed as it comes under the purview of Dhan Platform’s Terms of Usage.

However, if you are upto building a Python Library once Market Feed is live on DhanHQ API layer for us, we would be grateful to have your contribution there.

Hi @Hardik @PravinJ sir,

Is there any tentative date for release of Market Feed API? I started using Dhan since few months back and have been exploring API for options trading. But the lack of feature to get the last price is really shocking! This is the most important data any trader needs be it a normal trader or a super trader. Please let us know when this facility will be available.

Like they say in the market “Bhav Bhagwan Chhe” — But you are not providing us the “Bhav” itself.


market feed kab aayega, ab tho intazar ki bhi inthiha ho gayi hai :innocent: :innocent:

connection with quantower without market feed data,
it’s of no use :upside_down_face: :unamused: :roll_eyes:

If there is an issue with MCX data feed, why can’t you lunch for NSE data as of now and later add MCX. I am sure there are majority of customers who simply need NSE.

I am disappointed about not giving any timeline for release of market data feed API. I am thinking of opening an account with fyers as they have good API that too with feed of charge.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande Kindly provide some clarity on market data feed, this is most awaited feature…

Hello @HIR

Integration with Quantower is in QA stage right now. Quantower team can update you on plan details with Market Feed integrations.

As you know, all our APIs are open and any platform can build on top of it. Now, the level of integration is depended on the platform side. We will surely announce the integration on community as soon as it is live.