Dark Mode on Dhan Option Tab

How to enable Dark Mode on Dhan Option Tab?


Hi @RajeshK, Welcome to Dhan community.

Feedback noted, we have this from few user already. We will pick this up later, for now we are concentrating on building Strategy Builder on existing positions on Options Trader Web.


Thanks @PravinJ
If you are “are concentrating on building Strategy Builder on existing positions on Options Trader Web.”

Then Pls add time factor also along date.


now plz give us an option to use dark mode in option Trader web… it’s more needable then a glass mode in option Trader app… plz understand the importance of dark mode for our eyes…

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Your suggestion is very well noted :smiley: We will surely let you know if we plan on implementing it.

@RahulDeshpande Very sad to see that even small request by clients keep lingering on for so long.

This shows your priorities are misplaced.

Our (Clients ) Plan should be your (Dealers ) Plan

But right now you are busy implementing your (Own ) plans, leaving actual client plans in lurch.

This is not a good practice and will hurt you in the long run.

Look at upstox .
zerodha and upstox started together and see the active client difference.
Once zerodha implemented Trading from chart and a full fledged TV you will face the HEAT for sure.

May be then you will STOP implementing “your” plan and start implementing “users” plans first.

Hi @RajeshK

I want to assure you that your and other community member’s feedback has been of utmost importance to us, and our team relies on it to make informed decisions about the features and products we ship. However, it’s important to note that selecting features and products to develop and ship is a complex process that involves various factors.

We do our best to implement as many requests as possible, but it’s not always feasible to fulfill every suggestion. We take into consideration various factors, including technical feasibility, user demand, and the impact on the overall system.

We also understand that some requests may seem small, but they may require significant technical changes and resources, which may take time to implement. We are highly customer centric organisation, and strive on the feedback & suggestion. I hope that you can understand our position and appreciate your continued support.

We regularly get back to users personally whenever we implement the features suggested by users.

Lets See,
Still awaiting just an indicator to get added, you can refer my other post.