Dhan Live updates

Hi @Dhan, through Twitter acc - Dhan live, you have been updating the updates on stocks and some imp levels. But for traders, telegram (messaging app) is more real-time than Twitter as it needs to be refreshed every time. So, pls update these views in ur telegram channel rather than the Twitter acc.

Hi @sri1647

We have chosen Twitter for the live feed of stocks update from @dhanlive account as most people from dhan community is on the twitter. Telegram is equally popular, but the perception about the medium is more for tips & trickster, hence we want to avoid that medium for @dhanlive updates.

Though we are available on Telegram for engagement, you can join us here : Telegram: Contact @JoinDhan

Hi @Naman and @Dhan, thanks for the reply. But I completely disagree with you bcs most of the traders follow telegram and many channels have subscribers in lakhs even when they r providing financial news or stock updates.

You should think about posting the live feed in a separate telegram channel if not comfortable posting in the main channel.

The main reason is telegram being a messaging app works on real-time basis but Twitter is not like that, it will have other ad content as well.

Since @dhanlive content is related to stock price levels, I and many of my members assume, telgram is better.

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