Dhan turns #1. We are celebrating our first birthday!

Hello Everyone,

We are celebrating our 1st birthday of building Dhan with you. I will just say - thank you on behalf of everyone at Dhan.


Yes, Dhan has completed its 1 year of building amazing products, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, and your support, suggestions, feedback, and love for Dhan. And you know this by now, Dhan gets better everyday!

We opened up access to Dhan for everyone on 4th November 2021 (Muhurat Trading Day of 2021) last year and since then our journey with you has been incredible and full of learning. We built, heard your feedback, and built more to provide you with the best trading & investing experience - packed together across all our platforms and backed by best-in-class customer experience.

With that said, we have something interesting we are building for you but, before we proceed further let us walk you through the products we introduced in the last 1 year and many of the industry-first features that we built with you and for you.

Options Trader App
First of its kind app in India, focused and specifically built for Options Traders. As data, speed & execution play an important role in trading so we build features that provide important tools such as ready-made options strategies, OI & volume analysis, outlook-based strategies, pay-off graph, options greeks, live market scanner, and much more on the Options Trader App by Dhan.

Trade like a Super Trader with Manage Positions & Trailing Stop Loss
Built from scratch and first of its kind experience designed specifically for traders. We later added many capabilities to this like - Reverse Position, Trailing Stop-Loss, direct access to Charts, tracking underlying, and much more.

Integrated Direct Trading from Charts
Traders love charts, that’s the exact reason why we partnered with TradingView to bring you a deeper integration on tv.dhan.co that lets you trade directly from charts across all our platforms.

Margin Trading Facility (MTF)
Are you a short-term investor or a swing trader and want to make the best from the markets? With MTF on Dhan get 4x leverage on 950+ stocks for an unlimited number of days! More coming here.

Well, we can keep going on this - but for now, giving you just a glimpse of a few awesome features that Dhan introduced and our users absolutely love - Instant Iceberg Orders, Trader Controls, Trader’s Diary, Instant Funds Withdrawal, Brokerage Estimator, Real-Time Option Chain, over 1000+ stocks on watchlists, Add money to Dhan at no charges, Zero fees on smallcase investments, real-time portfolio insights, mark long term investments separately and much more.

Dhan Trader meet-ups across India
We have met and interacted with over 3500+ traders across India in our Dhan Meet & Greet events that helped us understand the needs of traders & investors, all of which in turn help us build a better trading & investing platform. We met traders & investors from Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Lucknow, and as you demanded we will soon start doing the same in more cities and towns.

Here’s a glimpse of our Meet-ups: Dhan Offline Meetup🚐 - Delhi | Traders & Investors Community Meetup 🤝 - YouTube

So what’s next from Dhan?
There are a lot of incredible features and offerings that we have lined up for the coming year. We will continue to raise the bar with Dhan for incredible product & customer experience for traders & investors in India. As you might have understood now, we listen to you and build products that are most useful.

What’s coming next: Strategy Builder, Mutual Funds, Pre-built Strategies on the Web, Bracket & Cover Orders for Options, light weight, faster and better UI/UX updates to our mobile & web platforms, and more.

Stay updated on Dhan Community, our Twitter handles on @DhanHQ, and our official Telegram channel for the latest updates on upcoming product features and offerings, along with events done by the Dhan team.

Once again, a big Thank You goes to you!
Thank you very much for staying with us on our journey with Dhan. You have embarked on this journey with us and, in many ways, we have grown together to reach here and beyond.

With this in mind, stay excited for the new features, and again, thanks for being part of our journey with Dhan. As we say - let there be Dhan, with everyone and everywhere.

Congratulations to You
On behalf of team @ Dhan


Great going sir, and I really loved how the platform is growing with tons of helpful features.

Best luck :slight_smile:


That’s a great milestone. I wish the entire team all the best for years to come. I appreciate all the efforts you are putting in building a robust and friendly platform, cheers!



Happy Birthday Dhan :cake: I am happy to be an part of Dhan


We are happy that Dhan came along to disrupt the stock broking industry yet again engaging, empowering, and enriching the customer.


Many Many Congratulations !!

  1. Please Make the Interface Ready for Applying IPO Via Netbanking ASBA .
  2. Also Do the necessary readiness for applying SME IPO

How can I apply IPO through dhan web?

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Great and Dhan is doing better user experience

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Expecting some goodies :relaxed:

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@Dhan वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा :bouquet::birthday:
@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande


Congratulations & Prosperous New Year to Dhan & Its Team :clap:

Congratulations Pravin, started Dhan last month, and I am coming top 5% of the Dhan family. In Option Chain we are not able to place the basket order. Add Basket order facility in Option Chain, as it is much needed to manage Hedging and margins. Second feedback needed Desktop Terminal facility, associate with XTS or equivalent terminal facility that will be added on for High-Frequency traders.

@PravinJ ,

Great progress in a year, hearty congratulations to the Dhan Product teams.


Going ahead wish to see higher consistency, reliability and less bugs in the feature deliveries.


Happy Birthday to Dhan Team!

I joined around 15 December 2021. Been keenly watching the growth, and impressed with the willingness to continuously improve.

Wishing you guys all the best. I hope to see Dhan develop into an international-level brokerage platform.

Thank you for your kind words, welcome to Dhan community @jpm

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You guys are really awesome!!
In just 1 year, you have surpassed any other broker present in market for decades!!!
Thats the power of super team you are having!!!
And I love this community, your team handling this is so supportive and always listen what the users want!!!


( I am among the first few members who jumped on this journey with you :slight_smile: )

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Congrats Sir and Dhan Team! I never thought this platform is just less than an year because the app or website never made me feel so every thing right from UI, User experience, features always mesmerized us. As you mentioned you are working on features that will benefit us. We however need below features in Dhan this will make us to use dhan as all in one platform for trading, investing.

  1. Mutual Fund investing in dhan app
  2. Facilities to invest in US market

Mutual fund is really needed it will attract many more people to use Dhan. I have shared the Dhan app to many but most of them asked if this app has mutual fund investment too. US market investment I am not sure if the ask is possible but if it is possible then the platform will be a complete package to all

Thank you for the kind words Saurabh. More from us is coming, we just got started and feel there is so much to do to bring a better investing & trading experience for Indian users.

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Thanks @Ratheesh, Welcome to Dhan community.

Noted your requests, we have started development on Mutual Funds on the sidelines and it is work in progress. We hope to bring it do Dhan soon, will keep the community and our users posted.

On US Stocks, yes this is also on the roadmap and we have set up a subsidiary in IFSC to bring international investing to you - not just from US but global stocks. However this will take time, we are going slow on this at the moment as US markets are correcting and possibly it will continue to. That’s just a guess btw - one can’t really predict the markets. So, we will pick this up but feel at the moment we have other priorities to build and think even if we launch, the response from users won’t be overwhelming because of market sentiments.