Dhan TV last candle showing Wrong information

Hi Team Dhan,

Today I was doing some technical analysis and I found that Below 1 Day time frame last candle of the day always show wrong information as you can see in the image below first image is of Dhan.tv and second image is of Fyres I don’t know what’s wrong in this either Because of Post market or something else but last candle of each day always shows the wrong last price of the day and Last time I have shared same type of issue with the opening candle of the day and you said you know that and its only happening with the indexes and working on them. please include this same thing in that as this thing is happening for all the scripts.

And Also Check the EMA there is a difference in 200 EMA of 4 points. I have cross checked all these with TV as well

Please Fix this issue ASAP

Even in 15 Min Timeframe is showing red candle instead of green one.

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Hi @Nitinjawla

Acknowledged, will check on this one, were able to replicate this one. Will get fixed shortly.