Dhan Web - Add To Basket From Option Chain

Hi @PravinJ ,

Add To Basket from option chain - when will be this feature available on Dhan Web?

This is very much needed for all the options traders to execute the strategy in one go.


Yes @pushpa

Coming up soon, already in the works.


yes its most required

Hi @dhananjay_d,

This feature of add to basket from option chain is already available on web platform. You must have atleast one basket created to get this option. (refer below screenshot for your reference)

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Sir this function is available on Dhan web version but not in Dhan’s trading view version, please add all web version option to trading view version too…

Hi @dhananjay_d We had explored this, there are limitations on the charting library on TradingView. Even if we end up adding this, it will increase load times for Option Chain and its data, we do not want to compromise on speed, load-times and execution.

Request you to please use Dhan Web for this. We will ship an upgrade to Dhan Option Chain on web soon.

sir for referance u can check this fyers chart & its feature to add to watchlist, it’s not at all lagging…