Dhan Web fails to login with Safari OTP Autofill


When I login to web.dhan.co with my number/passwd/otp combo, and OTP gets autofilled by Safari 17, it invalidates the login. No matter how many times you try, it cannot proceed.

This gets through if I type the OTP manually with keyboard. Learned this hard way after failing 10 times. This should be fixed.

In this screenshot, if I choose to Fill code by clicking there, the code gets filled correctly but there is an error in bottom of the page saying “Session Invalidated!” and it doesn’t proceeds. Going to web.dhan.com again takes me to login.

PS: I have cleaned cookies for dhan, emptied cache and tried everything which you would suggest before reporting here.


Hi @indianets, Thank you for highlighting the same, we are getting this checked.

Hi @indianets,

Our team is optimizing this scenario and will resolve soon.