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Hi @PravinJ ,

Can you please clarify whether the news feed is designed to load automatically or the user need to refresh the page manually to get the latest news?


1:57PM (after manually refreshing the browser page)

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Hi @pushpa

For News feed, for now user has to refresh the page. The green indicators you see on the top are connectivity to exchange system and your systems. We don’t let anything that is not related to trading systems interfere with that, News is outside this, so refresh is needed.

Newsfeed comes instantly with alerts on mobile app. Then why not so in web @PravinJ ? When news comes instantly user can manage positions (if need be) better.

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Really strange if someone says realtime news is irrelevant to stock market!


I have mentioned that for trading systems.

Our apps & web platforms are built differently, we build each use-case differently as needed. Helps us ship things faster. In this particular case, alerting approach for news is different for mobile and web.

Yes know this already.

For news real time alerts are better. Please make it same on web like mobile app.

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