Dhan Web: Tiny but mighty web features for better experience!

Hi All,

We know the fact that many users simply like the Dhan web experience.

Many users (especially traders) had earlier felt that we were a bit less focussed on the web, and were running slow in terms of shipping features & improvements. Now we think you all know we are building things faster to improve your investing & trading experience on Dhan - all at a lightning-fast speed.
We are actively listening to your feedback, looking at how some of our features are used, and making changes to ensure there is something incrementally better than before on Dhan. Our latest release has tiny but mighty features, so we are putting them all together here below:

CSV Downloads

While investing and trading everyone has their own conviction and it’s equally important to track and learn from your mistakes. Now, to make it simple to track and analyze your data to make smarter decisions, you can download everything - Orders, Positions, Portfolio, Watchlists, Dividends & more in a CSV file.

Of course, we plan to bring this download option to more places on Dhan, we will keep you posted on this.

Draft Orders

Create orders, save them in the draft, and execute them with a single click.

Add up to 100 orders across all segments and invest, and trade seamlessly. Know more about the feature here.

The 1-Tap Execute is instant order execution. If you place orders for trading and are sensitive to price benefits, you will like this!

Search in Orderbook & Positions

We are wanting to make sure your experience across Dhan becomes seamless. Now that we have many Super Traders placing over 10+ orders in a day and a few over 25+. We understand it’s important to quickly go through that one particular order or position that’s on your mind.

No need to scroll through it, you can simply type the script name and the same will pop up. Search in Orderbook & Positions appears once you have 5 or more items in the respective list.


Dhan has offered Margin in real-time on its order placement screen. Later we introduced a real-time Brokerage Estimator that provides you a glimpse of what your transaction looks like with all the charges. Many users had asked to also mention the leverage on this order placement screen, so here it is.

Helps SuperTrades know the multiple of leverage they are taking on a particular trade and hence know the risks associated. Small, but very powerful.

What’s new?

Now, on the web, as well as on the Dhan app you’ll be able to see a number of stocks in your portfolio. Not sure how we missed this!

A new mini order screen will help to add funds from the order screen directly and you can also pledge shares for margin benefit on the same!

Hold on. Not only this, there are a few UI/UX changes, which we want you to experience :wink:

Hope you continue to enjoy an improved web experience on Dhan for investing & trading. It keeps getting better every day!

Thank you
Kiran & Naman :slightly_smiling_face:


Dhan are bringing very good updates.
Dhan is my favorite broker.

When are you introducing MTF facility for swing trading? I want to shift my system from AngelBroking to Dhan but there I get MTF which is not in Dhan.


Hi @Ravinder_Sharma,

Thank you for your kind words. We are elated to hear that you’re enjoying trading with us. You can go through this post- Upcoming Features on Dhan: for May & June 2022 to view the upcoming features for the months of May & June. However, MTF is definitely a part of our product roadmap and it will be launched sooner than you think! Happy to hear any other feedback that you may have!