Differences between P&L Report & CN

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

First of all I would like to thank you for updating the differences between your Trader’s Diary and Contract Note, as feedback provided. Yesterday I experience some differences between your Trader’s Diary and CN for the day again. I hope that you are again do the needful at the earliest.

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Hi @MonkInTrade Realized profit is the total gross profit (without brokerage and charges). So in this case the total gross profit will be Rs. 330 (profit with brokerage consideration) + Rs. 120 (brokerage charges) = Rs. 450.

The sole purpose of showing realized profit is to enable traders assess their strategy, which has to be independent of brokerage and other charges

For a detailed note on how to decode a traders diary, refer to this post here.

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Hi @MonkInTrade - request you to delete the original post it has many personal details. For queries like this, contacting customer care on help@dhan.co is the best option.

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Thank you @PravinJ for look into such details.

I hope that the feedback will help you to remove such confusion. I am keeping the post in writing without the reference pictures, as suggested by you.

@iamshrimohan Thank you for sharing your/Dhan’s point of view. But excluding brokerage in contract note or or any such important report doesn’t reflect actual picture, is all I can say.

@MonkInTrade Brokerage is not excluded. Instead, we show both the headers in Trader’s Diary - Realized P/L and Net Realized P/L; similar analogy to Gross Margins and Net Margins respectively.

  • Realized Profit = Sum of gross profit of closed orders
  • Net Realized P&L = Realized P&L – Charges – Brokerage

Now user’s can analyse trades as per their discretion.