Dividend payout tab needs a proper fix

Hey @Dhan_Help @PravinJ,

I wrote about the same issue a couple of weeks back and even talked to customer support and they fixed the issue, or that is what it seemed at the time.

There seems to be no updation in the dividend payout tab whatsoever, and it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having it as a separate feature if the list wonโ€™t get updated on its own.

Hope this gets a good look at and gets working as it is supposed to.

@PravinJ ,

Agreed with @Vishk519.

Hoping one day Iโ€™ll see the Dividend Payouts which is always been missing!

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Hi @amit

ETF Dividends handling is a different issue, we are figuring out how to get this up.

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Any update on this, or an ETA even?

Hi @Vishk519,

We have identified the issue and have fixed the same. Please check and let us know if you have any other concern.
Thanks for using Dhan!

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