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Hi @Dhan team, @PravinJ,

the news tab currently has three categories - Commentary, Equity and Results. Currently, we get notifications for Commentary items only though we enable notifications for dhan app. For other news, we need to toggle to news tabs every minute to get the latest news.

To solve this, you should provide an option where users can have a choice to receive every update or only category-wise updates. For a trader like me, I need every stock-specific update and this will help for intraday trading very much.

Requesting u to bring the option of getting each and every news update through notifications.

+1 - Support the above request. Also if access to news could be simplified and made more direct (like somewhere in the homepage).

Hi @Dhan, @Dhan_Help, any reply or ur view on this?

Hi @tusharj and @sri1647 ,

At this moment we send notifications for important news, further we have this feedback and we will try to evaluate the possibility to provide this feature.

Hi @Dhan, @Divyesh, @PravinJ, you are taking feedback every time but it seems nothing is being implemented on priority. Taking feedback is not sufficient, you should implement them asap. I can understand you will have many things in the queue but such small things can be implemented in a short span of time. I have been giving many feedbacks to date but not a single thing is implemented till now. It will kill the intention to give feedback and share thoughts here.

Hi @sri1647

We appreciate the time taken by all the members and traders to provide valuable feedback to us & make a note of everything. That said, we have an internal system setup to evaluate the feedbacks, and multiple parameters to decide on which bring feature/product needs to be bought in priority for the users. I request you to please not feel dejected if any of your recommended feedback/suggestions are not implemented in the system.

Going on the above request, our news notifications is currently with a third party reason being our focus is totally on the Dhan tech & product, and not content per se. During the initial release of the news notifications, we received multiple feedback stating that the constant notification is hampering the trading experience, hence we have tried to streamline it.

Be assured we will surely evaluate if we can enhance the overall alerts system.

Keep contributing to the Dhan community :slight_smile:

Hi @RahulDeshpande, that is the reason y I had advised that u can leave an option to the user and it is up to him whether he wants all notifications or only category-wise.