Exciting Opportunity in T-Bills - 03-05-2023

Check out this T-Bill maturing on 23-06-2023. Today’s date is 03-05-2023
Days left for maturity = 51

T-Bills are issued at discount and are redeemed at par. So this bond if bought at 98.80 will give 100 after 51 days. That is about a profit of Rs. 1.2.

ROI = ( [Profit] / [Face Value] ) * [ 365 / Days to Maturity ]

Hence, the ROI (annualized) would be (1.2/98.80) X (365/51) x 100 = 8.69%

Disclaimer: This is not a trade / investment recommendation, just analytics of market dis-equilibrium.


@iamshrimohan ,

Please keep writing such articles!



@iamshrimohan ,

This was good, but looks like such opportunities are mostly grabbed by Debt Funds within a minute (like arbitrage).

@amit Yea mostly, they have scanners put in place to identify such opportunities. But there do exists time where retail participants could also benefit.

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