Execute Order - Forever Order

Dear Team,

Could you please explain function of Execute Order under Forever Order?

In the attached screenshot LTP is 431.9 and Trigger Price is set 405. Now if we click on Execute Order what will happen?

Hi @Zakir On tapping the Execute Order… the said order will get fast executed at Market Price, irrespective of your current configuration of Forever Orders.

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@PravinJ thank you for your prompt reply.

May I know when Dhan is going to introduce OCO Order for short-term traders? OCO already introduced for Options. For Intraday Cover order already is there. But shorter-term traders have been suffering. They either may place SL or Target using Forever Order for holdings.

hey @Zakir, this is work in progress at our end. Expect this to go live by end of July itself, or in case if we miss for any reason then we will release early August.

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