Fast Navigations in Dhan Web Trading Console

Hey all :wave:

At Dhan, along with shipping awesome features fast - we also believe in making small and continuous improvements to all our products. Dhan users already know this.

We have promised our trading users on the web at the start of this year - that we will make the web console incredibly over a period of time; and we are on it continuously.

Today, we are adding a small but neat feature that helps you navigate through important functions of the Dhan Web trading console - faster. With this now you can access all of the key features like Watchlists, Baskets, Charts, Price Alerts, Forever Orders & more faster. Yes, we know it’s small but you will love this, especially as a trader.

Now you can navigate to full-screen mode, Watchlist, add stocks to the basket, set Forever Order and start a stock SIP. Yes, everything is from the same window on a single click so you don’t have to switch windows.

How to Use?

You can access shortcuts on every script. Simply tap on the top right-hand corner and select β€œMore” option shortcuts from the overlay menu. With one click you can view access to the full screen of the script, You can create a Forever Order, SIP, Price Alert & Basket Order.

It helps you build your watchlists faster, and also helps you add those Calls & Puts to your strategies in Baskets and more.

As always, we will continue to make Dhan better for you.

Raising the bar.
-Kiran :blush:


Hi @BlackSteel,

Thanks for the feedback!
We have noted it down, for now, the best possible way to access the option chain would be via the company page. Sharing screenshot for your reference

Price alert for Nifty spot is not working for me. Is it working for you friends?

In fullscreen chart we cannot change the stock, we have to stick with the same stock in same chart, if we could change the stock within the chart then it would great, since we again have to visit our watch list and again open respective stock to fullscreen chart it will be haptic and time consuming.

Hi @BlackSteel

Thanks for the suggestion. We had this earlier - however NIFTY / NIFTY Bank has many expiry dates, that will result in an issue for this.

We are already working on bringing some more improvements to the Option Chain on web.

Hey @BlackSteel

You can also add shortcuts on Dhan watchlists for Option Chains for faster navigations. More about this here: Introducing: Option Chain & FnO snapshots to Watchlist