Feature Request: Economic Events

Hello! Can you please add a tab/section or maybe create a webpage which shows the economic events of the month or the next month, such as MPC decision, RBI rate decision, Unemployment data, GDP, GST, etc.

It would be massively helpful because now I have to scout and waste good minutes of my trading session to find these.


Hi @GalaticX Understand this requirement, and also that this is more or less commonly available now and reaches to traders via multiple channels on Social Media.

We prefer to focus on what we know - product, technology and customer experience. Managing news or information is not the best of our strengths, however we do add high impact events in Real Time News across all platforms - Introducing: Real-Time News

Additionally, we also send alerts on important events like this. Do review if you have alerts enabled for Breaking News.

You can use Tradingview Free Economic Calendra or Fyers Fyers Stock Widget which is also powered by TV, but somehow it allows to scroll up and see prior events.

These are some alternative I personally use until Dhan builds one.

Well, people like me who like to stay isolated don’t really get any information from social media. Guess I’ll hunt from other sources then.