Feature Requests ✋

I would really love to have Pivot points for under daily = 1 min, 3 minutes, 5 minutes etc till 59 minutes charts.

Hi DHAN team. I would like to request one feature. Under the TRADINGVIEW webhook, there is only market and limit order in JSON Object Generator. There is no stop order. Is there a way to put stop order as well? It would be highly useful as we can even put SL at the same time as we take entry in an instrument.

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@PravinJ , kindly consider straddle / strangle & ratio charts in the next build up.
Also, consider a mtm based sl for selected open positions, if possible

Currently option chain is not visible on webapp in full screen mode on charts (shift + F in windows), please make it visible that would be helpful @PravinJ

first i love Dhan at all the way down
but being a scalper i am facing one issue all the time while placing order in options, i am unable to place buy stop/ sell stop order (to place order above market price whenever it reaches) it shows an error that order get rejected so i always need to use limit or market order and that backfires on me with slippages
after not getting connected to call and on chat with Dhan customer support, i hope i will get response on my query here @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Hey Naman

I use dhan platform for trading and investing.

average true range (ATR) is Prclose-high and Prclose-low.

I am looking for indicator to know day range(high-low) and body of candle(open-close). Can please you help??