Feature Updates: TradingView on Dhan is now much better

We know how much our users are liking the features like Trading on Charts provided to you with our partner - TradingView. Over the period of time, we have improved this significantly and have come up with Options Chain, Futures Chain, New Indicators, Basket Orders with Margin Benefits, etc to give more tools in hands of Super Traders on Dhan who love trading on charts.

Continuing our endeavour to bring a better experience for our users we are now live with a few more features & enhancements on tradingview.dhan.co.

Now Place Stop-Loss Limit Order on TradingView itself

Imagine Placing an Order along with its Stop Loss on charts itself? What more can a trader love if not this :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s now live on Dhan! Now place Stop Loss-Limit Order on the Right Click Context menu for Order Placement. This was one of the most requested features from our community.

Now Place Orders 24x7 from TradingView Charts with AMO

We have observed our users analyse charts after market hours, at late nights and even in morning, but have to wait for markets to open before they could place orders. This now gets better, now we are live with one of the most requested features for tv.dhan.co - After Market Order.

You need not select any different order panel or order type for placing AMO, just place order in the same way as you usually place.

Continuing the feature from Mobile app & web.dhan.co, here also you get options to select time for execution-

i) When the market opens

ii) 30min after the market opens

iii) 60min after the market opens,

iv) Unique & latest time slab of placing AMO in the Pre-Open market session at 9.00am.

Trade better in Options now: Track multiple Moving Averages

Imaging trading on charts in a certain CALL or PUT, or in a certain Futures but also wanting to keep a track of the moving averages of underlying Stock or Index. Yes, now you can.

Now you can add another symbol option in Moving Average Indicator. This will help you apply the Moving average of one scrip on the chart of another scrip. Be a Super Trader in Options & Futures, you know how important this can be :slight_smile:

Track all major Indices on TradingView

There are more than 1300 companies listed on NSE for trading and it is very difficult to track each and every stock and find trading opportunities. We know the index benchmarks the market performance. One can keep an eye on sectoral or market cap-wise indices and get a sneak peek at its constituent stocks.

To keep track of overall markets and help pick up the right sector & scrip, we have come up with all indices, for both NSE & BSE at one place on tradingview.dhan.co. Here, you select an Index of your choice and see the list of all constituent stocks with comparative data in the row.

View your Past Trades on TradingView Charts

Looking back and introspecting is always helpful to do better in the future. The same applies to trading. Why not see the historical trades and analyse them.

Where the timely stop loss or profit booking could have been done or where was the need to scale up with more quantities. And the cherry on the cake will be if you could do all these analyses on the chart itself.

Here, we come with the trades execution on chart - Past Trades on Chart. When you enable ‘Executions’ from Chart Settings > Trading > Executions, you will get the Blue & Red colour mark for Buy & Sell transactions respectively. You can use a textbox from drawing tools and make notes there itself.

More updates to the TradingView Library on Dhan

We have updated to the latest version of the TradingView library. With that we have made many small but super relevant enhancements to the platform including improving load times and faster rendering of ticks on the charts.

There were a few bugs reported that are fixed as well. Namely SuperTrend, Pivot Levels on Options Charts, related to scrolling of Watchlist.

More updates are coming soon, we will keep you all posted on that.

Happy Trading.

Naman Sharma


Hey @Naman,

Instant SL LIMIT order from chart is essentially a must to have feature :partying_face: but, its failing somehow. Can you please check and confirm?

Also, faced performance issue today in the morning.

Hope it won’t occur again.

Dhan TV - Slow Order Placement/Modification - #2 by ZB83 - Dhan Community


Hi Naman

Thanks for bringing host of new features. One most important feature is able to set alerts from trading view.i had requested in another thread and repeating here again.

Please get this feature on board asap.If already begun implemented, then please share tentative timeline for same.


Hi… Can you please add below basic requirement with right click on tradingview chart so that suffle between web & tv ends
:arrow_right:market depth , live trades , vwap ,lower & upper circuit, highs & lows of 1 wk/month/year/YTD/all time & news regarding stocks in watchlist.

Also request to add open range breakout indicator. Thank you


Yes, thats are required

Hi @anilmm2005

We have noted your price alert request earlier and keeping in our books again. We wanted to give best in the industry experience and evaluating all the possibilities to provide alerts on charts.

Hi @RupeeGym

Some of the things you mentioned are already on our roadmap. WIP. Be assured, you will see more interesting things from our side.

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Kindly add option to create forever orders from chart

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Trade better in Options now: Track multiple Moving Averages ह्यापेक्षा INDICATOR TIMEFRAME हे फिचर दिलं असतं तर बरं झालं असतं.

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@Naman sir eagerly waiting for mutual fund - if mutual fund is available to pledge i wll be there in dhan from zerodha

This feature would be of great help

Yes, it’s now live on Dhan! Now place Stop Loss-Limit Order on the Right Click Context menu for Order Placement. This was one of the most requested features from our community.

Hi @PravinJ @Naman @Dhan_Help ,

If you can please explain how to use SL-LIMIT order from chart, would be of great help.

SL-LIMIT order entry error

Are you still facing this issue? I am not facing any problem while placing SL-limit order.

Watchlist section could have been better by providing three things

  1. Up down keyboards arrow functionality
  2. One button to add stock to watch list
  3. Make window or technically modal popup small or provide option to make it small.

Truely speaking what you have provided in the name of watchlist is of no use.