Feeds are not working in any of the dhan web and TV

Feeds are not working for the scrips,index and options.Please fix asap
Also , whenever there are issues, please broadcast the issues.

@Dhan Not only tv.dhan.co, all the apps and services got stuck for sometime. Is there any issue going on ?

yes, no data loading

Exactly. Feeds stopped in the middle with lost candle data and chart got stuck too.


Candles goes missing afer every such outage. You guys need to fix these issues.

yes loading now…but, this has been a recurring issue. And, there are no notifications to users if there are issues.This is a must to inform users so they can take precautions.

This issue is scary, if you have open positions. I was in that situation.

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It happens sometimes with big brokers too. What I admire is that their team must have figured out the same at that time and fixed it really quick!

It’s fixed and it was lightening fast!

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yes, but those other brokers have a mechanism to broadcast the issues. But, i dont see the mechanism in dhan, particularly in web versions. Would be glad if @Dhan provides this

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Hi @pahadi_trader, @Diamond , @oldbuoy , @RSVel , @vverma508 , @Diamond

There was an intermittent connectivity error on our platform. Our team is doing RCA and we will share the same by today end of the day.


I appreciate the quick fix though! The issue was solved really fast! :zap:


Hi all, we will post an incident report on this today post market hours.

@RSVel @vverma508 @pahadi_trader @Diamond @oldbuoy and others.


Thank you @PravinJ .Much appreciated
Would be good if a notification is broadcast in such cases of outage.

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