Help! For existing users - KRA email and mobile validation mail from Dhan as per new SEBI rules by Aug 18

Received a mail few days back from Dhan that KRA is not validated as per new SEBI Nov’22 rules though I have been using it for long time. Have CAMS as the KRA and it is in KYC Registered status. My mobile when i checked, i have seen several months back there was an SMS that says this is just validation and nothing to be done from my side from CAMSKRA, so I think mobile is verified.

I checked email id now if there is any OTP or something but i dont see any email now, I think it must have gone to spam and got deleted in a few days. So considering email, as per the steps, I was told to update email id in the site and it shows email id is registered in CAMKRA.

THere is an OTP that will be triggered from CAMSKRA based on request from the broker is what I got to know. I have checked CAMSKRA based on Dhan mail to update email ID and it shows my email id is already registered (I do get mails from CAMSKRA from time to time). I think Dhan may have to re-trigger a request to KRA guys so that I will get an OTP in my email id to confirm this time (I will make sure its not in spam). I saw in another forum that if OTP is missed or deleted in our phone or email, Zerodha says the same to create a ticket to Zerodha so that they can re-trigger the same request to KRA guys so that OTP will be sent from KRA to us again for verification (they will sent a direct link to our email).

Can Dhan please confirm if we can create a ticket to trigger this otp request from KRA to resolve this issue as it seems Aug 18th seems to be the last day for verification as per your mail.

Any help from Dhan support, should a ticket be raised to retrigger the same with KRA?

Ping… Seems no update from Dhan team, just saw another new update from SEBI ( 11-Aug) , now everybody within 90 days, irrespective of Aadhar or non-Aadhar as the verification document given for validation, will have to be KRA re-verified (email and mobile) - so going to happen for all existing users as I understand.

What is the take from Dhan team on this as this KRA confirmation is intended to be triggered from Registered Intermediaries?

Note: Manual verification is necessary if the registered EMAIL id or Mobile Phone is not seeded with Aadhar for all, else “Clients in whose case, attributes of records … above cannot be verified, shall not be allowed to transact further in securities market until the attributes are verified.”