Historic API with 1 minute time interval

I wanted to back test some strategies and implement the same when some cross over happens on moving averages during the first 5 minutes of trading session. But for calculation of moving averages i need data from previous data in 1 minute interval or 3 minute interval. I see it is not available - I only see day level for historic and 1 minute interval data for intraday. Am i missing some API endpoint to get historic 1 minute interval or is it by day only? If it is by day, do we have plans to implement this as i see all brokers has this feature and without this algo trading can’t be implemented as this needs to grab data by less interval for previous days. Kindly reply as i need to implement quick

Hello @viswan29

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I get the use case however we currently don’t have 1 min timeframe available for historical dates. We are evaluating the feasibility here before including in our roadmap and we will take this up soon.

Existing zerodha user here, was planning to switch to dhan from kite, but without historical data(atleast 5 min) I cant backtest my strategies, so looks like dhan will be uselss for me for the time being. Hopefully you will get the minute wise historical data soon

Hello @amitsarvaiye

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I understand your requirement here. We plan to upgrade our Data API offering soon and we will introduce this. Rest assured, this is on our roadmap.

I am sure you must be already incurring charges on other platforms for the Historical Data in addition to trading API costs. We aim to help you with that with our free Trading APIs for every Dhan users and soon Data APIs will follow too.