Hopefully the 2023 update will bring sell side gtt

Any updates on this? @Naman @PravinJ
Waiting for it for so long, truly your platform is best ever in India and its very tempting to use it but because of no sell side gtt for equity and being a swing trader I cannot use it. When will you bring it? How much will you keep us waiting?
What about DDPI or the solutions that you were thinking about to bring forver sell side order?
When will this become reality?
This should be your number 1 priority you should know that swing traders are a big part of trading community don’t let dhan become an unfriendly platform for us swing traders, please listen to swing traders.
I think I’ll wait a month or two and if it still doesn’t come closing the account is what I’ll have to sadly do.

Yes, this will come in early 2023.

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Finally I can be on the best platform ever.
Will patiently wait and if this does come out I’ll invite many others to dhan.

I am using it on mobile dhan app. Not seeing option to place GTT or forever order. Can u pls guide?

Hi @SamC

Welcome to the Dhan community

We glad to inform you that

You will be able to place forever sell orders in the cash segment