How to check Account value in Dhan?

Hi Dhan team,

Is there a good way to see the account value in Dhan specially in a graph form? Since I was using Zerodha earlier where they had this information in the console in the graph form detailing account value, equity holdings, mf holdings, payins, payouts etc which was quite handy to know how the account is growing.

Do we have something similar in Dhan? How do I check account value?


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Hi @rustam You can check the account value on the mobile apps, under portfolio, all section.

We don’t have account value graph if that is what you are looking for, will explore if we can add on Dhab.

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Thanks @PravinJ , I can see the account value in the mobile app. Can it also be added to the dhan web?

The Account value graph is a very important feature because as a trader, I want to know what direction I am going with with my account. The graph gives me a big picture. Zerodha have done a polished job on that feature.

I think some other users have also show interest in this feature if I am not mistaken Need Equity Curve at Portfolio Level

cc @Vignesh_N

@PravinJ Parvin Sir, This is much needed alonwith all other initiative that dhan is taking. Request you to please consider it and discuss with the team as Networth is daily basis updated and you can plot that in the form of graph under trade diary section. Right now it is only in app available not extended to Web version and I am plotting in Excel based upon daily Networth value. Once again request for your consideration.

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