How to keep stoploss for delivery orders

Dear Team,

Kindly let me know how can I keep the trailing stop loss for any script which I already hold in my portfolio. Below is the simple example which I require. Let me know how can i achieve the highlighted requirement in your platform

Script Name: XYZ

Average Buy Price: 100 Rs

Current Market Price: 130 Rs

Wanted to keep the trailing stop loss of 10 Rs

Wanted to sell the script if the price reaches 120 Rs

Kindly explain on this. If there is no option at present in your platform then can we achieve similar functionality with existing options in your platform?

Check this, this will helps you


Kindly update me on the trailing query.

Hi @Ramyageethika Seems like you are wanting to do Trailing-Stop Loss on a Delivery order. It is specifically a Intraday order type, not made for a delivery one.

As @onkar mentioned, post you have taken a delivery of stock - enable DDPI and then set Forever Orders on your stock. That said, when one of your legs is executed, you will have to delete rest of the Forever Orders on same.